Welcome to the Zaytsev Detroit Art Gallery

Through an original blend of  figurative and non-figurative styles Igor Zaytsev distinguishes his unique perspective 
on fine art.  While currently featuring some of his works in distinguished  Detroit art galleries he is proud to display all of his creations through this online art gallery.  Living as a resident of Michigan Igor actively engages in
both the
Detroit Art and Michigan Art Gallery scene.  Bright spirited with a passion
for life and art, Igor works daily on creating his original works.

Referred to as the Davinci of the midwest, Igor Zaytsev's artistry is one of a kind.  With styles that convey emotion and stimulate the imagination he welcomes your interest and
appreciation of his online Detroit Art Gallery

Detroit Art Gallery 

Unable to feature all of his pieces in the Local Detroit Art Galleries, Igor has dedicated this website to all 
Michigan Art Gallery connoisseurs. 

    Excited to extend his creativity on to others Igor is actively taking on new commission work which also includes Murals! 

Please Contact Zaytsev Fine Art with all your questions regarding commission quotes or private viewings. ​

About The Artist

Ann Arbor Art Galleries

Igor Zaytsev was born in a family of  artists in 1958 while living in Ukraine. In 1977 he received a Bachelors Degree of Art from Lugansk College of Art. After that he continued his education in the National Academy of Art where he received a Master of Fine Arts in 1983.  

Recent Events

“Impact & Beyond”
April-March 2016, Juried art -show  “Chernobul:Impact & Beyond” at Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art.[...]
Robert Kidd Gallery “Spaces Between”
S p a c e s   B e t w e e n Igor Zaytsev Solo Show Robert Kidd Gallery[...]
Show at Residence of State of Michigan Governor
March,2014- Show at Residence  of State of Michigan Governor[...]