About The Artist

Igor Zaytsev was born in the family of the artists in 1958 in Ukraine. In 1977 he received a Bachelors Degree of Art from Lugansk College of Art, Ukraine. After that he continued his education in the National Academy of Art in Kiev where he received Master of Fine Arts in 1983. Igor started his career as an artist at the age of 20 when he participated in National Art competition show in Kiev, 1979.

At the beginning of Perestroika in 1987 Igor participated in the first national new wave art competition show "Youth of Nation" where his work was selected for the collection of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and in 1990 few of his work became a part of collection of National Union of Artist of USSR. Later Igor found his expression both in abstract and surrealism while honoring academic drawing style.

Since 1990th Zaytsev participated in international shows including the United Nations and Lincoln Center in New York City, Geneva, Switzerland and Moscow, Russia. His work is on permanent exposition at the National Museum of Catholic Art and History, NY, USA, and Ivano-Frankovsk Museum of Modern Art, Ukraine. In the United States his art work is presented in private collections of Mr. Paxson H. Offield, Mr. Tony Blilecky, Mr. J. Dutkewych and Mr. Igor Roussanoff. Since 2001 Igor lives in the United States and continue his work as an artist.  

Currently the representative of Igor Zaytsev works is Winn Slavin Fine Art in Beverly Hills CA, and Monarch Arredon Contemporary, La Jolla, CA.