Metro Detroit Art Galleries Featuring Original Works

Get to know the Robert Kidd Gallery located in the Metro Detroit Area.

Sometime in the summer of 2014, a chance happening led to the success of us all. In Austin, Texas, Jennifer Vinklarek realized a dream and was determined to own one of the most dynamic art galleries around. In Maui, Hawaii, Gerard Marti – ready for a change of scenery, agreed to lend his years of experience and expertise and manage the gallery – but the perfect location was proving hard to find. And in Birmingham, Michigan, Ben Khiel was buried overseeing the inevitable closing of Robert Kidd Gallery, a gallery he not only curated for over 12 years, but loved (as did everyone who visited).

While on a mainland vacation, Gerard was delayed in the midwest due to a hurricane hitting Maui. Perusing the picturesque streets of Birmingham, Michigan, he saw a beautiful sculpture in the window of Robert Kidd art gallery that captured his attention. When he went inside to ask about it, he struck up a conversation with Ben and found that (due to the unfortunate death of the much loved owner Ray Fleming) the gallery would have to close.

By a most fortunate accident, Gerard found the perfect gallery space for Jennifer to buy, and so she did.

Today, Jennifer Vinklarek is the owner of Velvet Bulldog, LLC, doing business as Robert Kidd Gallery. Gerard Marti acts as gallery director and Ben Khiel has maintained his position as gallery curator.

We thank you all for your enthusiasm and support as we keep this legacy while blazing a new trail.