Robert Kid Gallery Display – August 2020

We are pleased to have a new display by Igor Zaytsev a master of Contemporary Abstraction. The display will be on until August 10 2020 . Feel free to come over and admire this amazing collection.

The artwork of Igor Zaytsev is based on expression of the abstract – things that hover on the edge of reality and fantasy. His viewers are challenged to define whether the paintings they are viewing are of something realistic, something abstract or both. Zaytsev wants his viewers to feel the vibrancy of the colors and interpret the forms according to their own experiences, dreams, thoughts and emotions. As such, there is no incorrect interpretation of his paintings – they have different meanings to different people.

Zaytsev, born in 1958 in Ukraine, is a classically trained artist who received his Bachelor Degree in Art at the age of 19 from the Lugansk College of Art and a Master of Fine Art from the National Academy of Art in Kiev in 1983. As a young man, he was among the first of the Ukrainian artists who defied the Soviet-imposed mandate for artistic realism and explored the frontiers of surrealist and abstract art. Even in the U.S. which he has called home since 2001, Zaytsev continues to push the boundaries of painting through expressive and experimental, yet contained forms. He draws upon the Flemish technique of chiaroscuro to use shadow and light to communicate depth while resisting the classical impetus to clearly define forms.

  • August 1, 2020

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